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Calabria is the southern-most region of mainland Italy, extending towards Siciliy, and surrounded by two seas, the Tyrrhenian and the Ionian. It is a land with a wide diversity of landscapes: a multitude of sandy and rocky beaches, high plains and wooded mountains.
Colonised by the Greeks, Calabria was given the name Magna Grecia and it formed a base for the spread of Mediterranean culture. The entire region and the surrounding sea have revealed a wealth of archaeological finds, which have often brought lost masterpieces to light, as was recently the case of the Bronzes of Riace.

Pizzo Calabro  is a lively town with a population of around 9000. It enjoys glorious sunshine, a magnificent sea and an enchanting location, perched on a promontory over the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is renowned for its beaches, charming rocky coves, for its clear sea, its blue skies, its picturesque Historic Centre, with its sun-baked houses, tiny lanes and its charming square from where you feel like you are on the bow of a ship, cascading like a waterfall on the tuff cliffs overlooking the sea.

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